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2007 / utr4192 ; stv/asm030

'himmeltindan' is based on the musical diary of strøm, who spent in the spring of 2006 a semester working abroad on the lofoten island vestvågøy. the two musicians developed out of their improvised recordings a cd concept that could be described as a modular sound system: there are 2'432'902'008'176'640'000 possibilities to listen to 'himmeltindan'. here is when you would have to turn on the shuffle or random mode on your cd player. the twenty tracks are linked musically and form –in any order- correlations and continuations in terms of sound, content, form as well as time. they usually contain a key piece and a linking piece that connects the track before with the one afterwards. but metamorphoses and variations are misleading: linking pieces can become key pieces and vice versa, thus creating variable compositions of the basic form. in this way this cd surprises with a new form and new correlations every time you listen to it.