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"X" as the unknown, "X" as a reference to time. "X" as a definite position between possibility and contingency. the album x by the swiss band strÝm works with remix as a method, explores the potential of the origin. or the result's? the work on the concept album started with an improvised piece by gaudenz badrutt (analog synthesizer) and christian mŁller (contra bass clarinet and live effects). in a process of intense live sampling the starting material was used again, was turned, played, twisted, cut. the result were two different pieces which were respectively remixed twice. one original, six times reworked in layers. what unfolds on the album "X" is the excitement of the beginning, of exploring the traces, of returning to the unknown. its structure reflects the process of thinking forwards and backwards at the same time: it starts with the last remixes and ends with the first piece.

2016 / mikroton 48

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