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christian müller, born in 1971 near basel, switzerland, is clarinettist and electronic-musician. he completed his classical studies at the conservatory for music & theater berne in 1996 with a teacher's diploma and in 1998 with a reifediplom (master). during the last fifteen years christian müller worked mainly as improvising electronic-musician, electro-acoustic bass-clarinettist and composer with a conceptual approach. he realized numerous works with his duo strøm (with gaudenz badrutt, electronics, since 2000), and also in national and international projects with musicians like hans koch, martin schütz, jonas kocher and tomas korber. as member of strøm and as a solo musician he created several sound installations and audiovisual pieces and also worked in multimedia-based contexts with dancers and performers. since 2002 he composes regularly music for theater/dance productions a. o. for the vienna based compagnie nadaproductions ("war" & "dance & resistance") and in the team of the director barbara-david brüesch at staatstheater stuttgart (de), schauspielhaus wien (at), staatsschauspiel dresden (de), stadttheater bern (ch) or basler theater (ch). additionally to his music, christian müller regularly organizes concerts and festivals, among them the ear we are, an international festival for improvised music in biel, switzerland.

working bands:
-) strøm: duo with gaudenz badrutt since 2000
-) deer: an electronic bass clarinet-trio with hans koch and silber ingold since 2011
-) convulsif: experimental rock quartett mit jamasp jhabvala (vl & el), christian müller (bcl & el), loïc grobéty (b) und maxime hänsenberger (dr) since 2012
-) butterland: duo with the author regina dürig since 2010
-) IMO: electroacoustic improvisation orchestra initiated by c'incise & cyril bondi since 2010

diverse collaborations in concerts and in multimedia-based works, a. o. with the musicians norbert möslang, günter müller, martin schütz, hans koch, tomas korber, diatribes, jonas kocher, oren ambarchi, burkhard beins, clayton thomas, bertrand gauguet, michel doneda, peter conradin zumthor, daniel sailer, lionel friedli, simon hostettler, lê ninh quan, dieb13, susanna gartmayer, yan jun, yan yulong, cristián alvear, sergio merce... a.o. with non-musical-artists (performancers, dancers, authors, visual artists) like daniel zimmermann, amanda piña, alexandra mabes, nicolás spencer, haus am gern, verena lafargue, katharina vogel, heike fiedler, philipp boë ...

several grants, residencies & prices, a.o. 2015 a residency for composition by stv/asm in casa pantrova carona, 2015 residency with butterland in halka art projekt istanbul, 2014 "childhood stories" by butterland wins the prize of the jury for the best experimental piece at sonohr hörfestival, 2013 residency with butterland in herhusid in siglufjördur iceland, 2010 commission for composition "musik & tanz" by pro helvetia, 2009 grant for composition by ssa, 2006 residency with strøm on lofoten islands, 2004 with strøm first price at the concours de reding by stv, 2002 reward 'coup de coeur' by the committee for music of the kanton bern.


biography of gaudenz badrutt - bandhistory

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